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G-LINK R505, Sensor Cleaning

G-LINK R505, Sensor Cleaning
G-LINK R505, Sensor Cleaning

 This stickiness Rob Knob is made by the pellucid stickiness rubber head and a knob stick,the clean head is made by the special Synthetic Latex material.The rubber head has some stickiness itself,it will not scratch the CCD/CMOS when you clean it.Except the stickiness Rob Knob,the special dust-collecting paper is also included in the package•It is easy to keep your rubber head clean, because the stickiness of the dust-collecting paper is stronger than the rubber head, you can transfer the dust to the dust-collecting paper easily.

Please use & keep it under room temperature and you can use it repeatedly.

Main Features :

This clean set is combined with Stickiness Rob Knob and the special dust-collecting paper.

A. Stickiness Rob Knob:Use for cleaning the CCD, Charge-coupled Device/COMS,Comple-mentary, Metal-Oxicle-Semiconductor. This stickiness rubber head makes you easily to take the dust,sand and oil stain out.
Effectively clean the blind corner of the DSR,charge-coupled device,optical lens and other optical equipment.Please cover is well when not use.

B. Dust-collecting paper:Tear the film that cover on the paper away, use the stickiness side to clean the dust sticking on the rubber head. Tear one piece a time is ok.

Stickiness Rob Knob size : 150mm x 10mm
Dust-collecting paper size:: 65mm x 30mm
Working temperature:-20-45

Warning :

Dont overexert when use the Stickiness Rob Knob,otherwise it may hard to clean if the dust stay on the low pass filter surface firmly.Worse still, the coating on the sensor low pass filter may fell out, or make the CCD/CMOD sensor break down.



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